Domestic Alternatives to Offshore Reinsurance for Auto, RV, and Powersports Dealers

Our Story


Re Imagined, Inc. was created with a singular purpose; to provide Auto and Power Sports dealers with fully domestic alternatives to offshore reinsurance.  The current options of CFC and NCFC reinsurance, now 20+ years old, are constantly in the scope of the IRS, be it for abuse of the 831 (b) (CFC only) or questioning whether the NCFC acts like an insurer.

After consultation with several states, as well as a ‘Big 4’ accounting firm, Re Imagined is proud to offer our Core Dealer Owned Service Contract Provider (‘DOSCP’) and Hybrid Model Program (‘HMP’) options.  Both programs are 100% domestic with no offshore component.

When Re Imagined created the fully domestic HMP structure, the best features of a CFC and the best features of a DOSCP were combined. This means:

  • no premium tax
  • no ceding fee
  • significantly higher investment income

… and a borrowing process against a reasonable percentage of the unearned reserves based on overall performance. The HMP is the perfect structure for dealer groups selling 30 to 250 Service Contracts per month.

Re Imagined also offers select high volume dealers the Core DOSCP structure.  The benefit of the Core DOSCP is simple.  Pick any DOSCP in the marketplace today and you will learn the tax deferral period is 5-7-years.  The tax deferral period for the Core DOSCP can be 2x to 4x that amount of time.  The compounded value of additional tax deferral for groups of this size is easily shown in the millions of dollars.